Tree Squirrels

"I was sitting in the park one Sunday morning, feeding the seagulls, as they peck at my ankles and call me Thompson, it was a very emotionally and spiritually fulfilling experience. As i was being emotionally and spiritually fulfilled, i glanced to my left and to my eyes i did behold a lovely pile of twigs and assorted leaves and sticks, and it made me feel… oh how it made me feel. So as i sit here, seagulls pecking, squirrels whispering, i continue to gaze at the pile of twigs, leaves and sticks, and think of you my lovely. I cannot describe my love for thou in words, yet i still am writing this, tis been 3 years since the incident happened… Since then i dwell in the pine trees with the playful company of brown tree squirrels as they whimsically whisper words of wisdom to my ears."

-Writings from grade 7 with hailtothehammer

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